Insurance Law


If you have been in an accident or suffered a loss, don’t make the costly mistake of assuming your insurer is acting in your best financial interest. Margery M. Thorp, PLLC will help you avoid financial injury by assisting in understanding and recognizing when your insurer may be acting in bad faith and violating the law in Florida.



Margery M. Thorp, PLLC will evaluate the manner in which your insurer has acted to determine whether your insurer has handled your claim in good faith. We offer free consultations in determining whether your insurer has adequately protected your interests.



We serve as your legal advocate and personal counsel when dealing with matters involving your insurer, including:


Accident Liability Insurance Claims

Property Damage Insurance Claims

Auto Insurance Claims

Wrongful Denial of Coverage

Claims Handling Delay

Claims Settlement Denial

Flood Insurance Claims

Hurricane Related Claims

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Disaster Related Legal Assistance


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